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Sporos Bioventures Leadership

Sporos is led by a proven and seasoned management team. Collectively, they have overseen the research, development, and regulatory approval of many pharmaceutical products.

Seasoned leaders provide support to all operated portfolio programs as acting executives guiding scientific, clinical, regulatory, financial and operating oversight.

Leadership team member Stephen Rubino.

Stephen Rubino, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Leadership team member Sharon Shacham.

Sharon Shacham, Ph.D.

Consulting Lead Scientist
Small Molecules, Innovation & Technology

Leadership team member Florian Muller.

Florian Muller, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Cancer Biology

Rachel Humphrey, M.D.

CEO, Normunity

Alex Cranberg, M.B.A.

Chairman & Founder, Aspect Energy

Stephen Rubino, Ph.D.

CEO, Sporos Bioventures

Harold Levy

Co-CIO, Iridian Asset Management

Peter Feinberg

Founding Partner, Boxcar Partners

Joseph Kekst

Founding Partner, Boxcar Partners