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Sporos is transforming knowledge into new hope for patients with cancer and immune diseases. Harnessing our vast network, strategic resources, and operational expertise, the Sporos team of highly accomplished leaders identifies novel disease mechanisms and catalyzes the development of breakthrough medicines.

Our Approach

We are focused on bringing medicines to patients in a faster, more cost-effective, and more impactful manner. By strategically deploying valuable resources, such as exceptional talent, capital, and access to clinical trial infrastructure, and capitalizing on our deep Texas roots, we aim to accelerate the development of a diverse pipeline of first-in-class therapies for patients with cancer and serious immune disorders. Sporos’ dynamic business model, coupled with a top-tier team of scientific experts, positions us to move medicines forward with efficiency, yielding positive near-term impact for patients.

Texas Roots & Resources:

  • Sporos has been awarded more than $25M in grants from the Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) program in recent years. We are committed to working closely with each of its entities to ensure they have access to this valuable source of non-equity dilutive funding.
  • Strong relationships across Texas Medical Center, which includes over 50 health and research institutions such as MD Anderson Cancer Center, give us unparalleled knowledge and insight into cutting-edge research.

Efficiency & Effectiveness:

  • Sporos prides itself on its capital efficiency and effectiveness, strategically deploying capital where it is needed most and maximizing the probability of success.

Scientific Know How:

  • Sporos selectively chooses to support therapeutic candidates that have been thoroughly evaluated through discovery and early-stage preclinical research and are poised to enter the clinic in the near term. This approach, combined with expertly designed and optimized clinical trials, accelerates the development timeline, while also ensuring patient safety.

A Diversified Pipeline:

  • Sporos’ research programs leverage a diverse set of mechanisms of disease, mitigating overall risk and providing patients with multiple shots on goal. While Sporos is acutely focused on the advancement of the lead assets, each program is grounded in a scientific platform, opening the door for additional pipeline opportunities in the future.

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